Everything You Need To Know About Powder Coating

One of the most popular options for manufacturers and housing developers is to the get their products powdered coating. This dry finishing process is known throughout the world; you can find services in New York to a powder coat service in Montrose, Melbourne. But what exactly is this process? We break it down for you.

What Exactly Is Powder Coating? 

Much like paint, powder coating is a layer that protects walls and brings it to life with an array of colours and styles. When you break it down, it is a complete mixture. There are many prime ingredients to the coating, including polymer resin systems, leveling agents, flow modifiers, curatives, pigments, and other additives.

These are all mixed and melted, cooled to create a powder similar to baking flour. From here the coating can be adapted to any situation depending on the product or item that needs to be covered.

Why Do Industries Need It So Much? 

Because the benefits of powder coating on products outweigh the negatives. Most industries – especially the housing industry – want the best for their products, so they are willing to pay extra to ensure that their products are protected by another layer.

What Are These Benefits That You Mentioned? 

There is a range of advantages that come with getting products and homes powder coated. This list of benefits includes the following:

•Super Protective Layer – One that will protect the roughest, toughest machinery as well as the household items from any marks, impacts, scratches, dents and wear and tear.

•Resistant To The Weather – The ever-changing weather is a pain. But with a powder coating, you won’t have to worry about extreme heat or wild winters causing any damage.

•And Resistant To Watery Impacts – Moisture and chemicals are two the biggest killers when it comes to damaging products and items. But with a powder coating, you’ll be completely resistant to them.

•Environmentally Great – Which is important in today’s climate. You cannot go past the materials used in powder coating is more eco-friendly than other options, such as liquid paints.

•Attractive For All Situations – You will get all these benefits, as well as the enjoyment of an attractive finish. With an array of colours, hues, and textures available, you can get any style you want.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of powder coating is the durability.

How Durable Are We Talking? 

We are talking about the lifespan of products and materials increasing tenfold. You won’t have issues or problems when it comes to powder coating. It is strong and durable enough that it can withstand plenty – and still maintain its extra protective layer. It will reduce the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, and fading. And you can’t ask more than that can you?

How Can We Get Powder Coating? 

Our recommendation is to speak to a professional who handles all your powder coating needs. The company that we rely on is Just Powder Coating. Experience and passionate, they will be able to help you with all your applications and requests. Speak to them today!